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Congrats to Sendhil and Brahmin Bulls on Sendhil’s award from the Washington DC South Asian Film Festival this weekend! 

For more of Sendhil’s Twitter photos, please head to our gallery here!

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Heroes - Season 4, Episode 15: “Pass/Fail" (2/2) - Mohinder Suresh

Anonymous sent:

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a name for a peter petrelli/ mohinder suresh ship?

Hello, anon! The only name for that ship that I can remember is Moheter. :)

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Heroes - Season 4, Episode 15: “Pass/Fail" (1/2) - Mohinder Suresh

Covert Affairs - Season 2, Episode 2: “Good Advices" - Jai Wilcox

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Happy Friday, Sendhil Fans!

It’s time for a giveaway! Would you like to win a Beauty and the Beast season 1 DVD and a headshot, both autographed by Sendhil? Entering to win this prize pack is easy: http://www.sendhilramamurthy.net/giveaway/

The contest is open to #SendhilFans all over the world, and it closes on July 15th at 7pm EST. If you have any questions please email us at admin@sendhilramamurthy.net!

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CW Beauty and the Beast - Season 2, Episodes 21 & 22: Beast Gabe Lowen

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benningtoned sent:

Omg, thank you for the follow back, I adore your blog! C: I'm 110% sure that Sendhil is the most beautiful human being on the planet.

Thank you so much, friend! I agree and I’m pretty sure the rest of the followers approve as well! :D